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Roomful of Teeth premieres Just Constellations at MASS MoCA, August 2015

Commissioned by Grammy-winning vocals arts project Roomful of Teeth. Just Constellations is approximately 23 minutes in duration and is comprised of four interconnected constellations of justly tuned chords and modes. The first three of these are derived from harmonic regions of La Monte Young’s epic The Well-Tuned Piano using tunings based on the harmonic primes 2, 3 and 7.

Excerpt from Just Ancient Loops: III. Ascension, featured in Nautilus science magazine

Just Ancient Loops, Excerpt 3: Ascension from Nautilus.

Just Ancient Loops is a collaboration with filmmaker Bill Morrison and cellist Maya Beiser. The work is a 25-minute musical odyssey for an orchestra of cellos, with each cello part recorded separately by Maya in the studio. Watch more film excerpts and read the story behind this piece with input from Morrison and Beiser here.

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Harrison performs his composition Revelation (55-minute abridged version) at the Beyond: Microtonal Music Festival at the Andy Warhol Museum, February, 2015

Read the liner notes by Stuart Isacoff for the album release of Revelation.

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Galapagos In C: An Interdisciplinary Multimedia Performance of In C Co-Directed by Michael Harrison and David Gersten

Read more about this project in a review by Stuart Isacoff in the Wall Street Journal and an interview by Larry and Arlene Dunn in I Care If You Listen Magazine


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